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Paresthesia. — ^As might be expected in a disease with so many

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morning of May 13th, the improvement was palpable ; the lad

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phtliisical patients, almost without regard to their condition,

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ceeding than was implied in Bassini's operation would suffice

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atoms, composed of 1130 atoms of hydrogen, 712 atoms of carbon,

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either in a fistula or in a vial, why does not this active juice eat a hole

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salt in such combinations. When the attacks are nocturnal, chloral

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very characteristic of this condition. He had frequent epileptiform

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pieces, with fragments of bone scattered through the exudation, with a

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becomes much more diflScult. Ordinarily, the joints recover without

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Dental Association to reconsider the question of the recogni-

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Enquirer asks for advice as to the kind of arrangement which might be

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water you employ sterile. Septicity introduced brings dis-

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11 A. M.— Concluding Geneial .Meeting Address in Obstetrics

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for their own purposes, advertised the fact by card, circular, or in the;

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mach^, which would, in the damp earth, dissolve in three

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given 2 to 3 grains of sodium nitrite every two or three hours,

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pitals for contagious diseases. In such circumstances measles acquire

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to account lor the symptoms seemed less probable because the>

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gested," " relaxed," or "ulcerated " throats, intialaJon of air

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and poor married women. The following conclusions have been ar-

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be nominated in writing by two menihers of the Branch. The annual

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medicine as a remedy imtil it produces its physiologic symptoms.

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Here again the proportional amount of decrease of bacteria

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I do not intend to notice in detail the influence of the

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distinctive influence is seen on the blood and on the muscles.

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outgo of carbonic add is diminished. As a rule, therefore, the tempera-

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out with those of inflammatory pains. A functional occipital headache

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ratio of the pulse to the breathing is one of the most practical clinical

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titncs apivar to be purely retlex, as, for example, a true trigeminal

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employ, but chiefly because of my conviction that in surgery

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were dealt with, and that of a member against whom an action was

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for the Buckland District. Salary, £126 per annum, with extra fees

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ure, produces serious results, and even more so when the narrowing