means of enforcement were available in Mexico as in Cuba in 1901. Fi-

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ing cultures of the cholera vibrio with their milk.

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longer time, and one that may be very much extended, is needed

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The milder attacks tend to clear up spontaneously and if the patients are

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may properly be required at his hands by any representative

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have been used by pneumonia patients, (d) Patients convalescent from

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follow this by an effort to raise the tracheal and bronchial

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ditions in the circulation of the kidney, which favor the

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disease has extended from a completely isolated individual in a house to other

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also seen in experimental endocarditis, and experiment further shows that

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rhceal vulvovaginitis. Suspicion was then directed to the method of bathing

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do it to such an extent as to make a difference in our selection

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now be allowed to return to their disinfected quarters.

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The writer observed a case in which the small intestine was involved for

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in the course of cerebrospinal meningitis seem to be rather uncommon and

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the body through the healthy skin without causing at the same time some

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septicaemia and it matters not whether the general infection follows local

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Germany, no place having more than 2 or 3 cases. In 1906 no cases occurred

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a few spots on the soft palate. On the buccal membrane and inside of the

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so rare as to be of little importance in diagnosis. The tears and sweat may

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formation of cells may take place either before or after desquamation.

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It is extremely doubtful if cows are susceptible to scarlet fever, but the

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any greater role as a gateway for general infections than to other mucous

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affected muscle. The directions for using the same are

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practical application of this knowledge for the prevention of smallpox.

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months will be required. If the patient is very nervous and easily upset by

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a disturbing matter on account of the fear that it may be due to some com-

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eighteen inches from the valve. The perforation may be in the appendix,

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bodies commonly found in the urine, and yet to this state-

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attack of diphtheria, but the edges of the wound slough and render a second

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the conclusion that pathological changes are taking place in

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The distribution, extent, and intensity of the local lesions vary greatly in

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recognizes the right of each individual person to use his own, whether in

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temperature was normal during the whole twenty-four hours. Among 73