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must be withheld when there is much bacterial fermentation.
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In chronic rheumatism, neither lipping of the cartilages nor the osteophytic
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hour, or teaspoonfuls of some meat jelly. If reaction is excessive and
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persons who as "opticians" or "optometrists" pose as self-styled "doc-
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required great care to remove a rib without breaking it ; the tibia and
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from four to five days, or, in severe cases, even longer. The sunken cheeks
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and vomiting, very little of the salt passing into the intestine to be
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found as the nucleus of a concretion. Two or more such concretions, in
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ties of tough white phlegm, efpecially after any adion
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ness and the use of sulphur baths, plumbism may be largely avoided.
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vcars" service abroad. Latterly he has been consulting surgeon
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Soltau Fenwick and Dodwell, in a paper founded on 2000 necropsies
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to be dealt with. If man lives longer how may he avoid senility?
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for safe return. If he did return he gave liberally to the support of the
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and the patient may die from syncope during one of these attacks. The
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hair flood on end ; their tongue, mouth, and gulJet
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cious than a course of Carlsbad. If it is impossible to visit Carlsbad, a fair
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affected with cirrhosis. There may be some lardaceous change.
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effects must be watched. The application of cold to the head, a mixture
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" beginning, the creatures were cold even to fhiver-
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at the mouth, and a reddiili or yellowifh water gleets
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Over 2, (too students, graduates and teachers from ^IcGill Uni-
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dead bacilli are distinctly pyogenic, causing, when injected subcutane-
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kidnev, kidney pelvis, ureter, bladder serosa, and intestine. A
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those cases of higher degrees of refractive error, as the former squinting
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the central nervous system, which gives rise to persistent tonic spasms,
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pressure exerted on the islets of liver tissue is so considerable, that often
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may exceed that passed in the day time, so great may be the lag.
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mination of gout. The females of gouty families frequently escape the
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