talis was repeated in this and the two following days.

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Dr. Barr — Contr'ihiitions on Diseases of the Ear. 245

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may be anticipated in susceptible individuals. In patients with severe heart failure whose renal function may depend on the

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permit me to make the following observations :•—

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at no charge regardless of age or length of time insured with the company. This is just one of the

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Gastroenterology Grand Rounds, Thursdays, 4:00 p.m.. Gastroenterology conference room, 3D29

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disciplinary health care team of registered nurses with critical care skills,

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the derivative principle must be given in large doses ; when

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cies on Aging, said March 27, 1992 — that smoking

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partition, and communicate by very wide and high double

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I have used Belladonna also to mitigate the pain of the sore throat of

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Memorials honoring Arkansas Medical Society members and their spouses

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is found in the contents of pustules and vesicles, and also

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to his disciples, on the other hand, the reality^ along the

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minutes by a two-grain dose of the iodide of potassium dis-

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of the eyeball not altogether superficial. 22d. Morning and

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morbid phenomena. Consequently, we almost always find the

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no medicine. On the 6th day of the disease, he was take

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already given of their experience in regard to the effects of

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of Axid. Since market introduction, hepatitis and jaundice have been reported. Rare

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first sound at a short distance to the right of the apex beat,

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be considered as excellent landmarks to point out the cases in

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From the prospectus, which is before us, we notice that the

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held together by a power distinct from common chemical

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Munro, Dr. K — Glasgoio Med. Journal, 1881, vol. xvi, p. 342.

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20 mg/kg produced cardiac enlargement, coarctation of the aortic arch, and cutaneous

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had been no accompanying enlargement of the neck, and the

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have hitherto been unnoticed, but which are often more import-

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ation : — Candidate No. 1 had an average case of phthisis to

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medicine which directly opposes the diseases, that is one

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'' In all ages the medical profession has been divided by conflicting

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Ophthalmology Residency Morning Lectures, Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, 7:30 a.m., UAMS Education Bldg., room G102

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from asserting that it is proved, or from supposing that it is

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those who most heavily support the tobacco industry's

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and blind chance. But suppose the first or second, or all

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discover none. Now, as on the former occasion, the ordinary surgeons

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hour have I made an inviolable vow to cherish within me sim-

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