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1, Surgical Lesions of the Stomach and Duodenum — W. D. Haines,
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murmur and a bilateral talipes equinovarus deformity.
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cated. With hyperpyrexia the iced bath and icebags on the head are im-
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The lack of validity of both points can probably be
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Zwerling et al. 6 assessed the effects of the procaine so-
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that we must look for help in the improvement of the race and in the
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The statement, “Tuberculosis in the Foreign Born,” is
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uneasy, shaking their heads and sneeting. There is usually a
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1. Name four conditions that influence the composition of the blood in
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nal malleolus ; there was some tenderness over and especially
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Finding that the whole field was too extensive, it has confined
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dispensaries because they are told things which lead them to believe that
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less skin test analogous to the von Piquet test for tuberculosis.
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declared that since he could breathe better through his nose at all times
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is not certain in its action and is not safe to use in cases showing marked
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Grateful acknowledgment is given to Mr. Alfred Gum of
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born alive. I have recently seen two cases in which fright-
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Optic Atrophy, by W. E. Bruner. X-ray plates from the case of heredi-
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acter of certain medical advertising. And the latter is done in
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bedtime can help alleviate drowsiness and sedation, £
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require a dry place to stand snd sleep. The sheds provided for
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concealed variety. Goodell (5) (1869) wrote his classical
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the Chairman of the Section, F. C. Waite, in the chair.
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radic and celebrated events attributed to the ideas
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Incidentally, we may point out that, in view of the slow
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relieve the attacks, a hypodermic injection of morphia is often indis-
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proposed. The committee shall include in its report
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where he will remain until June 1, 1912 working in urology and proctology
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partment of a large institution and that usually a small part, it is
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ly deformed, the tip being soft and flattened and apparently free of carti-
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pastures. Curative treatment, unless carefully given, is disappoint-
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were read by C. C. Berlin, of Wapakoneta, and W. B. Van
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The act of 1817 further required that licenses granted by
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To prevent the occurrence of suppuration with all its at-
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After an interval, for a certain incubation period exists for the
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the result. The report of 1902 speaks of increasing contamina-
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Essays on Genitourinary Subjects. By J. Bayard Clark, M. D., Assistant