the central, including the Papal States, in 1835-36 ; and the sonthem provinces,
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sickness unless they disagree with the stomach, provided they are properly cooked
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and remote Effeote. By Gxorqb Lawbok, F.BX;.S» » . . 1
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with ears, and others without, (as insects and worms,) some having two ventricles
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the kidney, as compared with other internal organs, the spleen,
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or abstract sensation, which exists latent or potential, as a faculty of
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position affecting the character of the sublimates. This natural ex-
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delivered. The patient did well. — Pamphlet, Turin, 1867.
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" As health is the most precious of all things, and is the foundation, of all happiness, the
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so many cases of prolapsus of the uterus and rectum should occur? A fashionable
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friction, when thrown back by suppression, expended on the nerves, organs, and ma-
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volume of the ^ Ophthalmic Hospital Reports.' Optic neuritis
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found that it was the case described in Dr. Chambers' ' Lectures,'
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times daily for three days (for only two days if she weighed less
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dency of recent observations upon the nature of ciliary movement,
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bear any relation to the size of the transfusion. It is true that
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lesions. In aortic insufficiency and aneurysm less improvement
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palps of embryo spiders, and he describes the muscles as con-
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possible, the recurrence of a like calamity. The conference — ^which consisted of
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who have occupied the highest seats of honor in the school of Quackdom. We
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albuminuria in this nephritis is the same as in the tubal form.
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cheerful and good natured. They do not seem subject to such anxieties as the
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1 to 5000 it has the same power to limit hemorrhage during opera-
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the brain and the rest of the body, is the presence of white fat-like matter and
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analogous to that which exists in the so-termed epileptic hemiplegia.
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He was fifty-five years of age when he first came under the
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and among the males, larger than among females, and among widows larger than
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Art v. — Notes on Health in Calcutta^ and British Emigrant
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- - tan,) others having neither feet, hands, backbone nor scales, (as worms,)
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outline always defined, and they may be well observed in
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size, round, equal, they react to light and accommodation. The