use of iodoform must at once be discontinued (Kcinig), though

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Surgeons of Glasgow conduct an examination which covers

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of the powers at present exercised by the university courts,

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seem better ta confess our ignorance, and to say that all we

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has taken plk.ce, and where the tonsils are already suppurated, even

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tration of our views as we could have desired. It is as follows :

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Hilbers, report of the Homoeapathic Hospital at Linz, by Mr, 175.

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derived tVoiii a previously infected person or thing, to he as

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information contained in this w^ork, and that it is one of the

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indicated. The theory of this medicine in scarlet fever

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permeating the whole arrangement and internal structure of

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system of therapeutics, founded upon the only true conception

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then absorbed. The hard Gelatine of gristle and bone is not

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der Kinderkrankheiten (Band ii, 318). The best discussion of

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less on the traditions of the place. The Visitors observe, how-

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cation, myocardial infarction, palpitations, purpura (vasculitis), syncope, diarrhea, dry mouth,

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gations, will show what we have already obtained, and what

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hypertrophy of the tonsils, since the hypertrophy can be

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tected by copyright. Manuscripts may not be reproduced without

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2. Bernstein J. Handbook of drug therapy in psychiatry. Little-

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they are rapid in their action, and everywhere easily procured. I may

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matic pains two years ago, and recently, from exposure to

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Where, for example, shall we place such medicines as Mercury,

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Sunday, and two surgeons are on duty at the same time,

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t In this homoeopathic way, from a consideration of the symptoms of

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the matter, or thrown any new light on it, by assuming that

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the diversified materials of conjectures, opinions, definitions,

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Surgeons, will be struck with a very extraordinaiy difference

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Cinchona was found to have a bitter and astringent taste.

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insert just above the transverse colon. The resultant four-layered structure defines the lesser sac, which

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exists in the bile. He has shown that for the most part the

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vnth groaning ; the sound on percussion vras somewhat doll

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cines, when I shall attempt to show that the majority of

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case of vegetable compounds, altogether defies his powers to