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questioned on the muscular tissue of the pharjTix and heart,

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tioned problems almost on a daily basis, whether in private

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cale comutum, Mercurius Sublimatus corrosiv., Phosphorus,

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trefaction more powerfully, than flax, before he preferred it to

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ing and slimy evacuations, China proved very speedily of ser-

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3. Weekly Urological Clinical letter, 27:2, July 4,

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UAMS, Little Rock, 1988. Intemship/residency, AHEC-

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use, are connected with a derangement of the secretory

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nature, as to its merely chemical constitution 1 Can there be

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tissues, in other words, vital compounds, each endowed with

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As we have already mentioned, there are, in many of the

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There is no poison whatever which acts so quickly on dis-

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discussed are necessarily brief, but they represent fairly the

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factor in the disposition of nizatidine. Elderly patients may have reduced renal function.

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irritant would have done this. It is not the proper or pecu-

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those who should die in the Correction House and also the

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tered or destroyed, as when the vegetable acids are oxidized

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should he intimately acquainted with the specific operation of every suh-

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Medicine & Orthopaedic Center, P.A. in Little Rock,

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the GRATEFUL MED software package assists the user in finding the most current

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Orthopaedic Fracture Conference, Tuesdays, 7:30 a.m., UAMS Education Bldg., room B/135

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spasmodic nature. In the catarrhal stage, however, and as long

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thin walled cavity, containing a soft material, in which were

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death from cardiac or respiratory failuri'. (6.) After a brief

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AIDS in Arkansas Statistics 60, 95, 140, 186, 232, 282,

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William N. Jones, Little Rock, Immediate Past President

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RESOLVED, that a copy be sent to Dr. Sherman's family as an expression of our heart-felt sympathy; and

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body was supported by muscular exertion, the shoulders being

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perceived by himself or others, which can be made to assist

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Surgical Conference, 1st, 2nd & 3rd Monday, 12:30 p.m., AHEC-South Arkansas

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It would seem that it has been generally supposed that me-

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President of the Anti- Vivisection Society, the sentiment toward

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