after, the sanitary inspector rej)orts to the Local Authority
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elderly, patients of small stature). Dosages above 240 mg daily
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Pnemnonia, all other things l)eing ecjual, increases in frequency
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in Colorado. Presentation at 8th National Neonatal Screen-
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percussion was tympanitic on the right side above, beneath,
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these continuing medical education activities meet the criteria for the credit hours specified in Category I of the Physician’s Recognition
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symptom, but both at this time, and throughout her whole
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been founded by James VI in 1582, who gave leave to have it
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in which they appear in the text. Authors are responsible for
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the Hebrew community, and only one or two deaths from
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Hypotension: Symptomatic hypotension was rarely seen in uncomplicated hypertensive patients treated with ACCUPRIL but,
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Since sendiiiMgr the above L,68, we have received from Dr Goodsbaw,
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years ago, but about three years ago, feeling it becoming larger,
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< 90 mm Hg) or cardiogenic shock, sick sinus syndrome (if no pacemaker is present), 2nd- or
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advisable to always collect clean catch urinalyses to avoid
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of pure ventricular hydrocephalus from venous obstruction,
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the first two columns, from the left hand side there is suffi-
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pathically, affections of a similar nature ; yet each of them pos-
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corporation should build a suitable anatomical theatre ; and in
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here the conglomerated masses are less numerous, and the
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principal symptoms are written, beginning with capital let-
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Emily T. was affected on the 18th May with strumous oph«
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as the order of apothecaries maintains its present influence.
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the Mersey, and containing between 20,000 and 30,000 inhabitants.]
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I have enjoyed the privilege of serving my learning year
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time, must be adniitte4 to be s^ highly valuable mepiber of the
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we found, as we expected, that on the first of those pages
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Vice-Preddents—Dv.. H. Thomson and Dr. E. Duxcax.
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offensive in the night, perceptible to the patient. Soreness of the mouth.
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cumstances, if any, they may continue to perform these
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every two, three or four days, others every day or every twelve hours,
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which supply the deficient matter, and thus restore a right
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of hypersensitivity to other H 2 -receptor antagonists.
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cured. These experiments were repeated on ten more patients with a