Dieldrin is an oxygenated metabolite of aldrin with

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The principal experiments on muscle and nerve are adequately

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case had been sent in for the amputation of the foot; but

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In the first part of the night he was very restless, and

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sweating, urticaria, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, erythema multiforme, blurred vision, gyneco-

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evening, which produced colic and diarrha&a. The medicine was con-

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ing, or are increased, in the evening after having lain down ;

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examinations in chemistry, materia medica, and pathological

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munity at large, not on account of its rarity, but because

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prior to death the radial pulse was imperceptible, and the

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brain and nerve-centres, and for this re^on more under the

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must be repeated. — {Ahe'dle Med. et Union Me'd. du Nord-Est,

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In three cases in which Tincture of arnica, applied in consequence of

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are all soluble in water, and, when given as medicines, should

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capable of actually producing sugar and fat out of Proteine

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137, Little Rock. Jointly sponsored by the Arkansas High

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Penetration of the vena cava by the filter was docu-

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application of the hot water vaginal douche to reduce the

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liability insurance — rated A + (Superior) by A.M. Best .

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of that term, the only medicines which can be employed in

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