under the microscope, and never having detected in it the slightest trace

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The progress of a gummous tumour in this region is of a

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ried, and interrupted by frequent paroxysms of coughing ; deep

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Sponsored by the Division of Allergy and Immunology

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Whereas, Dr. Dilday was highly respected by his colleagues in medicine and by the community at large; be it

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impression on the terminal extremity of a sensory nerve is

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Health and Human Services to conduct a demonstration in

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this as a case of cerebral hipmorrhage, although the comparative

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acoustic nerve from the irritation caused by pressure upon the

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Fayetteville, has been chosen as the 1991-92 Arkansas

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determine to what extent black citizens perceive they

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Neuroscience Conference (Basic), Mondays, 8:00 a.m., UAMS 7D33

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the contiguous Uterus in the female, causing it also to con-

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such cases will, at best, always leave a doubt as to their being

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we say to the curative powers ascribed with so much confi-

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Do these medicines act primarily in the blood, or on the

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a circular ulcer, with thin, red, undermined edges, through

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development of this report and feels that this tool

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treme exhaustion. The case had been given up, by the usual

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cerning his diagnosis, treatment and prognosis in terms the

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scarlet-fever. Beside3, the further action of this plant abo;

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taught starting in kindergarten and continuing through

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Cover photo by A.C. Haralson of the Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism.

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the symptoms, is also present here, as we learn from symptom 265 :—

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ing their fancies as truths and dogmas, and, with unblushing

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at least an eva^mant : Evacuant in some way or other ; for, without •&

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case, to distinguish those symptoms which have no analogous

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he dreamed of things he had not thought of for years, and that

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cannot be propagated along a nerve. If, on introducing poison

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The patient was later taken to the operating room where

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ties at our command could result in a reduction in the risk to

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eye the external use of the Sublimate was forbidden, because

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is a salt lately discovered by Dr. Playfair. It is a delicate test for solu-