which are very difficult of explanation^ and the more the problem is investi-
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latter are our invisible friends, and indispensable to human existence.
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is probable that whatever good effect accrues from such experiments
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tremor, vertigo and mental depression. Still more suggestive symp-
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forms of destruction of i:)rotoplasm (starvation or fever) there may be
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explanation for respiratory manifestations otherwise quickly attracting atten-
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as well. In the tubules, on the other hand (beanng in mind what has been
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" I have often said, what profession is there equal in true nobleness to medicine r
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gout. In the latent form of the disease the patient is often greatly
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symptoms indistinguishable from those of acute rheumatism.
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mouth. Medicines are of little or no avail. A portion of the tongue
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consumption in the body produces an exactly definite amount of heat
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The argument from the absence of visceral lesions loses some of
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cording to a plan suggested by Dr. Francis Delafield,
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well as alkaline saline constituents, are especially useful in the cuta-
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in view of the opinion that it is merely a variety of chronic rheuma-
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is persistent. You feel relieved perhaps for a time but your peace is
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languor and a yellow condition noticed in the whites of the eyes.
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toms of ursemia, is still too incomplete for any theory of ursemia in which they
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versely, gout is no rarity among the offspring of obese progenitors.
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may be regarded as prophylactic against disease of the kidney. The early
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is no apparent progression beyond it. A fortnight ago there was
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given portion of fibrous or serous tissues to be affected by the rheu-
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(piired in walking and climl)ing. The i)rognosis becomes unfavorable
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some thiii oatmeal gruel added to the milk will be admirable to cor-
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Pleurisy is an acute inflammation of the pleura, a membrane which
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affected limb is often modified liy the efforts of the patient to ap-
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relief is obtained. Three or four drops of nitrite of amyl may be
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Camphor Liniment Compound. — This is composed of camphor
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The pupils are dilated, the eyes are half-oi)en or the lids are slowly
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found, on careful inqiiiry, that the patient had suffered with one or
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and inevitably fatal course. There are, however, exceptions to this
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To cite a few instances from the literature of obesity in early life :
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power and rapid fatigue, permit us to deduce the possible performance
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component ions, and each ion, which counts as a molecule for the purpose
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the death, resignation or removal from office of the
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turbance of the relative quantity of the white and red blood cor-
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Laache has endeavored to trace a relation between the neuralgias oc-
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steam coil-chambers in the basement ; and the ventila-