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sultation on account of the pain alone, referred by them to a single re-
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patient. All the natural hollows about the ankle-joint are filled up, and
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compared with the temperature takes place, the pulse falling to 70, 60,
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noses about abdominal aneurysms are the rule, because not only are
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diflfers, but is always present, in every case of epilepsy. If such an
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The symptoms which ordinarily cause a patient to consult a phys-
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There is one form, however, fortimately quite uncommon, in which
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an ulcer found on tlie anterior wall of tlie stomach, from whit-h a quan-
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when first seen by me, was under Mr. Fitzgerald's care in the
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evidently about to die unless relief was given, and trephining
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any menstrual flow all her life, but since puberty had ex-
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The London and Counties Medical Protection Society dinner
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the peroneal muscles; the extensors of the toes, including the big toe, are
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apprehended if vomiting sets in, because peritonitis, if at all extensive,
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Mr. JuLBR : Microscopic Sectio&s of Ciliary Sarcoma. — Mr.
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disease have all disappeared. As in the case of myxedema, the remedy
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fere with their functions. I was once called in consultation by Dr. A.
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advisable in Places Attacked or Threatened by Epidemie
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a minute bacillus, which now goes by their name, that it was properly
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Cheujjeal and Pharmaceutical Preparations, etc. (Honorary
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necessary to employ the latter, let it be manipulated with
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to be followed by perspiration. In phthisis this perspiration is largely
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rule that every candidate who presented himself for the Final
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It is a general physiologic law that the innervation of each inlet
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fatty, and fibroid, while the nerves show a special degenerative neuritis.
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his "Practice of Medicine," "Thus, in the convalescence from measles
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extracted from the thymus has been used with success in two
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typhoid fever. The reasons for this measure should be clearly stated.