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Rush, Robert B., M.D., Salem, Columbiana County, Ohio.
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for ten days or a fortnight : gradually decreasing the quantity taken.
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diffusion. Of the medical cases, 1,947 were traced to their original
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Committee on Finance. — H. M. Smith, M.D., New York ; E. M.
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les the Bowels, and fortifies the Expulfive Faculty.
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Kimball, Daniel S., M.D., Sackett's Harbor, Jefferson County, N.Y.
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the susceptibility, whether acquired by the lapse of time since the
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Ignatia is a valuable remedy. Nitric acid, Platina and Plumbum
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the remedies of which we had only given a hint in the morning, been
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somewhat reduced, which generally occurs in about twent3-four hours.
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