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neck contained 0.9 per cent, of mucin, which Halliburton considers
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tion she found that it escaped from vesicles situated on the large
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total thyroidectomy in nine dogs, gave intravenous injections of an
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and not the other. There was, however, a very constant relation
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given were relative only, that is, they represented the extinction coeffi-
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The efforts of the chemists to separate an active principle have
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The seat of this aneurysm is the same as that of the acute form, that
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The most characteristic symptom of rnyxcederua, and that from
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left carotid, left brachial, and left radial arteries present deficiencies
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TABLE 5. — Effects of Partial and Complete Neutralization
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motionless, and yet for at least an hour and a half it will not coagu-
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ments. Point 9 is on the ventricular portion of the auriculoventricular node.
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thyroid gland was limited to the right lobe, and when exophthalmos
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tention of the stomach, in connection with the disturbance of diges-
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survived the initial attack; J. F. Siler. P. E. Garrison and W. J.
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pneumococcus and the bacillus coli communis have also been observed,
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resulting in the passage of the impulses along two different sets of paths. A
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marked arteriosclerosis. In eight out of forty-three cases with an over-
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what greater proportion of amino-acid nitrogen and would therefore
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Fig. 17.— Neurasthenia; atonic (transition) stage, showing dicrotism.
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Unlike thyroid, thymus fed or injected into animals has appeared
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Percussion gives dulness below, increased resonance, even tympani-
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the plasma would be less subject to fluctuations in the carbon dioxid
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Attacks of dyspnoea subside usually under the administration of
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The relationship between age and sex and the incidence of pellagra
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was below 60 degrees, since we, in common with all observers, found
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Foster 4 has reported the isolation of a toxic base from the blood of
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for the abnormally long coagulation time. He does not deny to the
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and veins of the limb, an acute attack of cellulitis with much effusion,
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blood is lowered in diabetes, nephritis, severe anemia, and the gastro-
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above this degree is suspicious (Federn). To estimate properly the
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5. One of these later proved to have chronic nephritis also.
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In a general way the prognosis is favorable, at least for a long
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tuation of the second sound has been observed. Hsenric murmurs are
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who soon after admittance to the hospital developed a high fever, 103
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showed a rapid reduction. Eight cases had a normal cell count after
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