falling out of the teeth. These symptoms are produced by
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tions, and of a file, which, by rubbing on them, will alter the
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destinely discontinued. For fear of giving offence the pa-
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all voluntary and involuntary efforts which they made.
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medicines; but at the same time we must allow that there are
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expensive to be remunerative, nearly all the thymol found in
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the fornix somewhat softened; the descending horn un-
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ments of each prover, or at any rate the chief ones, and then arrange
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OB/GYN Fetal Boards, 2nd Fridays, 8:00 a.m., ACH Sturgis Bldg.
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of the Arkansas Medical Society Auxiliary. These 914
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The mean concentration among all samples was 0.001 +
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tises on a method of practice in its very nature imperfect- and
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On the 8th of April, nine days after he came under observa-
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headache, skin flushing reported when used orally. 13
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10. Porcari P Jr, Ward A, Morgan W, et al. Effect of walking
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standing between black and white populations in Pulaski
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but likewise in the living tissues ; and that they, in fact, in
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depression rarely in patients with uncomplicated hypertension, but more frequently in patients with renal impairment, espe-
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throughout, except during the convulsion ; temperature
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in the thighs, beginning on the right side. On the 3rd June
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variety of it, with agonising anxiety and restlessness, I found that
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VA Medical Service Teaching Conference, Thursdays, 8:00 a.m., VAMC-NLR, Bldg. 68 room 130
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educational, and of great benefit to those of us in
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Belladonna dilates the pupil ; and Strychnia augments mus-
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practical system of Medicine for the future as perfect as he
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quite disappeared, was again felt. Stinging pressure in different parts
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Diseases of Women and Children at the Zenana and Medical
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inject it directly into an opened vein. The result of this