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intestines, and, therefore, are useful for constipated children of
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cine, but that it had acted somewhat too powerfully upon
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uncomfortable dryness in the ear. As has been said, it often
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there some other underlying cause? Researchers con-
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open air; pain as if beaten in the nape of the neck ; — ^felt, on
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soiue time in water, which was separated by filtration. Aqua regia was
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prehensive standardization and simplification of the
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spasmodic character, / imagine I have warded off the stadium
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The constitutional symptoms are such as indicate the
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ture. Their pre-emption bill which says no local community
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to a critically ill patient. Code 99290 is used to report the
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articles thus disinfected and washed has been steadily increas-
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in a fairer and more judicious way than the examinations
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unsuccessful ventures. Try to remain sensitive to changes in
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of Magdeburg. In the mean time, we shall be glad to receive dona-
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called each prescription invitingly after the nam^ of the dis-
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Figure 1. Polypoid filling defect in the mid ascending
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impossible, and now too late. I concluded that the medicine,
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internal capsule nor nucleus lenticularis is involved in the
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Surgery, Jonesboro. Bom February 12, 1957, Mobile, AL.
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bowel to the skin is right and proper when feasible, yet,
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unreasonable that we should turn with susj^icion to those unwholesome
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should be given sparingly in this disease; for the more a
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gastrointestinal distress, gingival hyperplasia, ecchymosis or bruising, cerebrovascular accident,
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and opens into the dissecting room by a wide arch ; it is fitted
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Venereal warts are of every day occurrence, but these, in
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telephone calls from the patient, each time complaining of
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With these remarks we may well concur, save only that one
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stress incontinence in women has an excellent continence
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Orthopaedic Fracture Conference, Tuesdays, 7:30 a.m., UAMS Education Bldg., room B/135
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prevented the maxim of con tr aria conirariis being generally
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based support and grass-roots activity. This is where physi-
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of the long continued irritation ; and just in the same way it
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Opium, JEther^ and, finally, Calamus^ were used in addition to
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In three cases in which Tincture of arnica, applied in consequence of
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But in small doses they enter the circulation in solution, and
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Restorative medicines. Of all these Catalytics two things
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