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tives than on the resident Europeans. In India Sir Joseph Fayrer

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over their surfaces. And in addition there was frequently an outer

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the natural size. Sometimes in cases of extreme stasis the edge

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back. He became restless and morphin was administered, but the restlessness

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atheromatous disease of the aorta in young persons. In a young

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second column of each series of three columns gives the percentage concen-

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d ulness in his cases at the Seaman's Hospital at Greenwich markedly

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clonic convulsions which affect all the trunk and limb muscles,

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that the so-called primary cases may arise from some undiscovered

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blood examination March 31, which showed hemoglobin 78 per cent., red blood

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nal coat dilated into one great pouch with many subsidiary ones, its

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could not be seen personally and the information obtained seemed to

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days subsequently to the compression) will diminish or cease and

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erysipelas. A rubber tube is .connected with the cannula to conduct

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readings taken in each of the two positions in the spectrum already

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that after the injection of curare (Rosenthal) or atropine (Schmiede-

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pulsation of the epigastrium, and by more pronounced dislocation of

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called toxic do not in all cases act upon the muscle protoplasm

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of marked renal fatigue subsequent to the diuresis. Skepticism has

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admitted to the sanatorium. If it should be granted, however, that all

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any one of them may be employed in the treatment of myxcedema.

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Schkarin, 35 Hoffstrom, 36 and others demonstrate this fact. Marquis 37

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The air was collected in the apparatus as described in detail by

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vious to admission he had had a sudden attack of unconsciousness lasting all

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meat fed. This fact we have indeed demonstrated in another way.

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consider Figure 2, since the line following the junctional premature

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recorded. The modes of its production resemble those of chylous

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Morawitz and Lossen 8 and Sahli 9 are inclined to attribute the

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disease, when the resistance to invasion by, and multiplication of,

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may be often inserted behind the valve, whose texture is then seen to

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in fatty degeneration of the heart, and showed that the regions

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eighty ounces of chylous fluid. The surfaces of the small intestine

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being converted into fibrous tissue, and the vessels in proximity be-

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controlled the local hypodermatic injection of morphine hydrochlorate

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In two cases the onset of auricular fibrillation occurred while the

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introduced one-half of the thyroid gland of a sheep into the subcuta-

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that a tonic effect is produced upon the heart by the cool water, as I

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but to the naked eye the mass left after standing several hours in either