the secondary metastatic growths which are such frequent complications
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Sacro-iliac Subluxation: This condition is mentioned. It
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In all the mammals examined, including man, the general
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pressure. Cornutin is thought the best preparation of ergot for use in these
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available for reference in future emergencies. Upon their com-
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as a sign of respect to him that so eager and lively a discussion was elicited
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no definite name/' But the indefinite quantity, the hyperinosis, is pro-
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It is refreshing to see such words in condemnation of this
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whose Editor, Peter Bianki, was arrested on August 16 for inciting
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Proust [VUnion Medicale, 1889, December 19, 872) sums up his remarks by
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Evidently the therapy of this product in these cases is due to
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fava presents a communication on malarial infection, and Tomaselli dis-
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observed its oxytocic effects with the negative testimony of many whose
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much in the way of the unqualified acceptance of the views of Metsch-
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ments, such as the following : ^ I wish to reiterate that, outside
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to amputate the uterus, remove tubes and ovaries, and stitch peritoneum and
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intestinal injection in two cases, but they did not recover. The
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attack could be assigned. Enema of glycerine and water brought
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advice on the most efi^ective means of curing all types of rectal
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the dance miscarries, and the suiferer is then assured he can not
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previously. The wound healed by suppuration ; cicatricial stenosis recurred ;
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trouble is to be found in two principal defects, namely, the im-
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what Fanzango,^ who had a case similar to mine, says :
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the treatment of phthisis. He has not, however, used the diluted emulsion,
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the use of cold or evaporating lotions has been discarded, and equable com-
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gentlemen furnish a report of 250 ophthalmic cases. In the
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in the urine or vomitus. The stools are never black. Jaundice has
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to differ somewhat from others who have written on this subject,
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action of chloroform on animals, and then applying these results to mankind,
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small vessels, vascular dilatation and stasis. The disturbance of
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leaving the placenta behind ; septic infection occurred, and the patient was
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the joints we find no organisms, after a proper search by smear and
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may be taken for a depressed transverse colon. The latter is
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that the subject of the etiology of appendicitis had been
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suture. The portion of the skin in the intestine is shaped like a
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rural communities, villages and cities. In most all the smaller cities
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structures, the smooth and striped. The aggregation of circular
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many times in all its bearings. I believed at the time that torsion
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in the 3d and 4th conclusions. The converse of this is, however, not always