in the head and neck. If there were a left as well as a right

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Howard D Slobodien, M.D. (1981 ) (Middlesex) Perth Amboy

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as by alternative contraception during the first three months

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College of Medicine and Dentistry as the State assumed

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tional Assistance Act of 1976, was signed into law. This

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to be tapered to suit the individual case. Clinical man-

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A tribute paid to the memory of Mr. Hewson is highly grati-

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an Italian, Alessandrini. Alessandrini* advocates the use of from

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A total of 6,198 members of the Medical Society of New

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Fifteen days after the first operation the child developed

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There had been no cough since the operation. Feeding and

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A -3364 Spizziri and 17 other sponsors (An Act to Amend the "New

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cosis: A clinicopathologic studv of 51 cases. Lah Invest 11:963-985,

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rhea and syphilis with less consistent follow-up, the reality of

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above the anus and the upper margin is half an inch below

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School of Medicine, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, One

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The Committee has met during the year 1977-78 further

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