that is to say, from the barracks for emigrants, situated near

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having had eight children and nine miscarriages. On admission (July,

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Cross Hospital; J. E. Pan). University C^ollege : H. J. M. Playfair,

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muscle. The wry-neck had existed since the child was a

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Before passing from this division of my subject, I wish to

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of unusual exertion, at all events during the earlier stages of

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the root of the lung, for that i>art is ciiually

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motion was to assure the Lord Provost and those who acted

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as they are urban or rural. Taking the case of rural boards,

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upon the notes of ten cases, in which perforation of the-

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three days, and then inoculated with spleen pulp in broth from a mouse

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January 27th last. The dose given was 3 grains, correspond-

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chalybeate spring on the Continent or in this country, that it

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the experiments which they conduct and record with so much

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District— The next meeting will be held at the Royal London Oph-

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ophthalmoscopic examination. The patients were usually

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adopted wliich have lieenfoundmost useful in obtaining good histolopical

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after two to three days disappears, and leaves the place to its

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patients ; in the cases of scarlet fever there was a high tem-

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call themselve^" Dr-." to distil guish them, as with the clergy, without

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and in Her Majesty's Indian Medical Sei'vice, who were successful in both

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Academy of Medicine, every asylum in the country is at

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jects. I have been fortunate enough to witness some of these experi-

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tined powerfully to affect the imagination, the faith-curer of

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is obtained. Furtlier, the patient's walking powers are much

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of intense cedema, even in cases where the vessel walls are

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tion could only be compared to that of pityriasis rubra and

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glistening appearance. The constrictions were divided, and

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the latter the walls of the sinus are fairly well scraped. The

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the Madras Establishment, liave returned from furlougliout ox India.

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divide at one operation all the tendons, including the tendo

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absence may, perchance, be wanting. Presumably such an

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duplicate notifications of particular cases, which in tlie instance of scar-

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lesion or cause of natural death, but he had no disease or

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ment of the intracranial complications of ear disease might)

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lateral) this state of things was produced three times as

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surgery by Mr. W. J. Walsham, of surgical diseases of child-