doses as high as 500 mg/kg/day (about 80 times the recommended daily therapeutic dose) showed no evidence
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he felt quite a peculiar sensation in the eyeball^ just such a
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he is in his best state, is an hour or two. His general health
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of that necessity on 2Gth May ; that the mother consented
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in the same way as when swallowed. The breathing of Prus-
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the History of Medicine, which I have endeavoured to sketch,
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experimenter could accurately determine the progress of the substance
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coarctation of the aortic arch, and cutaneous edema in 1 fetus, and at 50 mg/kg, it produced ventricular
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clinical professor of radiology, recently received the
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one could be otherwise than wilfully blind to it. Yet that is
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school's preparation for the FATE visit. Summer pro-
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shews us to exist in rhubarb, account for this medicine pro-
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about the size of a sixpence, with an irregular margin from
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Joseph H., 8Dt. 16, a weaver's apprentice, had gone about,
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rarely experience any difliculty in deciding when to give, or
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Five patients were opened and laparoscopic technique
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classroom (S120-121 ), Sturgis Building. Sponsored by
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In LaPaz, he received an honorary professorship from
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purging is apt to be produced, and succeeded by symptoms of
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patient became highly delirious. The opium was first reduced
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testing and overall disposition of the infants. For
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causal relationship is uncertain: angina pectoris, atrioventricular dissociation, chest pain, claudi-
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noted, there is marked clubbing of the fingers and toes.
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was their impression that it was this drug, and not the other
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Session of this Society, each component society shall
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3. Are physicians less likely to take asthma attacks