or cachets in doses of 5 to 30 grs. or minims, under the same conditions

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wrought in these babies. The projectile vomiting ceases as if by magic

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Prognosis. — The prognosis of phosphorus poisoning is grave, the grav-

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routine specimens have reached this point. There is then no

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just above the umbilicus, and as the ascitic fluid collects, the abdomen

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stated that, in his experience, antecedent affection of the glands is a

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their flefh is of a bad quality: but in moft hot cli-

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mouis appeared in all parts of the body indifcrimi-

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the blood will at once run out in an exceedingly delicate film in a con-

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usually complete, yet the symptoms, as a whole, are less alarming ; there is

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short thick cells, usually united in pairs, and forming spores in milk. For

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from the post-mortem room as to its nature is very limited. During twelve

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rare. A form of myositis has been observed, tending to more or less

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called the experimental, the other the clinii-al. As an example of

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that the intemperate use of spirits by mothers, when nursing, has caused

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nourifhing, and therefore lefs fuitable to their nature.

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can be discovered by physical signs in organic diseases of the stomach ;

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Persons who have had the disease give a negative reaction in a

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and hasmaturia are not uncommon. The vomited matters consist of the

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or intended to convey an offer to give or i)rescribe any

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The liver of an adult weighs about ^ of the weight of the whole body ;

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organized, and during the past summer half a million dollars was

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resonance of the percussion note, nor does it necessarily give rise to any