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1. Defecation. — In most cases of diabetes the bowels are regular,

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by the glomeruli occurs through the tubules like other glandular cells;

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before the meal is finished. Digestion is deranged : headache is com-

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may occur either as a simple neuralgia or as an uncompromising

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which serve to economize fat will deserve special attention.

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but actual bony ankylosis never takes place except in the joints of the

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Moreover, the circulatory disturbance in the capillaries of the glomerulus

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system tends to shorten the duration of the attack. Hence in such

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possessor. Fusion of the kidneys is chiefly of anatomical interest, the most

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state of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of the Uni-

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With the progress of civilization and general prosperity among

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a trophoneurosis. As I have already intimated, this is the opinion

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father, Cornelius Vanderbilt, as aid and adviser in

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amount abundant in order to supply all the elements which nature

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When the chill follows a hearty meal, if vomiting does not occur

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is scanty. Unless the disease is promptly arrested the progress

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The canal should be cleansed out with warm astringent solutions, as

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the heart and consequently no organ is so liable to overwork. When

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iting is favored by the abundant administration of lukewarm water.

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tlian in other diseases characterized by loss of strength and cachexia.