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The so-called physiological albuminuria may be mistaken for chronic

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legs. The patient seldom notes the developing deformity. He may notice

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pass into a condition of incomi)lete tetanus, after which they suddenly

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Tileston and Wolbach, American Journal of the Medical Sciences^ 1908, cxxxv, 871.

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diseased part, which helps to give its specific cha-

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ve been described may be mentioned an mherited tendency to tubercu-

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tciits. A ])art of the ])epsin may be absoiluu into the blood and carried

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at once. Often by the microscopic examination alone the presence of a

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numbers of tumors varying from the size of a lentil to the size of a walnut.

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milk, and dessert, amounts to about 700 c.c, beiiiff divided into 200 c.c.

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most observers have found traces of blood and albumin in the urine in asso-

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pain was so severe that he was compelled to sit down for a time, ultimately

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mother, with other members of the family; grandparents and parents;

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.ilni.i^l 1,, /, 1,1, l.iit nil reluiTiiiii! It |.i the hori/..iit:il |...-liire, the lirtnhiti.Mi «;i> resliire.l. (Fiopii

catapres side effects overdose to the latter investigators, the ctilorine is secreted by tin'

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typical contracted kidney only in its tendency to have a larger percentage

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both kidneys are involved, one more than the other, is life possible with the

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ease is first made bjr the oculist, or the crucial and convincing test is the

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tive changes in the joints of those advanced in life must be kept in mind as

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In a word, the picture is cardiac rather than renal, the picture of the later

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to find the value of K as follows: K --;-,„i^. - . II' we lind the value

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while in cases of cystitis which do not yield satisfactorily to treatment, a

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Massage. — ^This is often our most helpful measure. It must be begun

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determined that infection is present, after which, of course, the catheter can

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to furnish the home oflSce with all obtainable facts in relation to the given case,

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