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second eruption. This eruption was deeper and more exten-
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condition of tonic spasm in the lower extremities, and other
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Urology Clinical Didactic Conference, 3rd Tuesday, 5:00 p.m., VAMC-LR, 4D
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Figure 1b. Computed tomography of the abdomen reveals penetration
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operation, which is without danger, and which he has prac-
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the ascending limb of the T wave longer than the descending limb. Tall T waves may also be observed in true posterior
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relates a case of intussusception in a child nine months old,
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origin, their mode of development, their constitution, and
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Center, 7th floor dining room. Sponsored by UAMS and
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that it is found as Urate of Soda. Others ima^^e that it is hlldia«i^«AMa
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ment continued during several months. But of this, another
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elements of skin, such as sebaceous glands, papilla?, and hairs.