becomes, under modern therapeutic usage, a menace to the sick ;

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renal complications of typhoid fever, whenever the urinary

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1845, a son of Henry Daggett and Juliana (Barnes) Bulkley. He

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although he kept his left leg drawn up most of the time in the

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Commonwealth Avenue, between Hereford Street and West Chester Park.

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This brings us again to the consideration of the proper prepa-

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proaching it, and clear up after recovery, or remain like a cloud

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sumption. Now, which is the more likely to prove true, the

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by a casing of steel, copper, nickel, or nickel silver, which

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that competition is the life of trade, and that the road to

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tical manner. His membership in professional organizations is as

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both right and wrong. In my opinion, tinctures and low poten-

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of zoological studies and often spent whole afternoons

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vitality of all known disease germs ; and there is no better way of disin-

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occiput, extending up over vertex and right side of head ; ag-

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ceived from the University the ad eundem degree M.D., and the de-

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the technique of everyday surgery. In order to appreciate

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presents great diversities. Often the arthritis limits itself to a single joint or

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the management of an editorial board, and bearing the name of

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made up his mind that the germs are in almost all cases, and

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added. I am not in the habit of prescribing oatmeal ; but, as this

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May 13. i6o7> to tlic battle of Lexington, April 19, 1775,

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In the issue of " The New- York Medical Journal " for Sept.

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Wounds of the wrist are not very frequent. They are

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in the wound, and search for foreign bodies which may be

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preservative media having been mistaken for organisms which

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of which become mixed up with, and obscured by, those arising

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