Was imable to stand ; she had a sense of oppression at the
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pin stuck into the cheek. At first he was drowsy and inclined
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wards with Tart, emet, and Canth,, but without any apparent benefit.
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He had some slight ailment, for which he consulted a surgeon,
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said, “Lady, before I do that, let me ask you a question. Are
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2. Nature's perfect medicine. Readers Digest, Jan., 1991, p.
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This source has been resorted to firom the very beginning
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was quite complete at first, except as regards the side of the
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the case which I have recorded lent some support to the view
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He was given hydrochloric acid, and asked to find out by test
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the known sekble compoonds of Ironi except the F^roejr*
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through the coats of the stomach and intestines^ to enter
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age when a mixed diet was proper, — (American Journal of
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the present state of health of employees and treatment of
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incontinence selected by failed operative procedures.
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the woman had had the primary contamination, possibly thirty
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turies. There is a tendency in the human mind to explain
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alteration. Such a case occurred to me in November 1881, in
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should vary with the degree of emaciation of the corpse.
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the Royal Infirmary to witness the examination in clinical
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study in patients with end-stage HIV disease documented a
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he had frequent eructations of offensive flatus ; the pain in the stoniach
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you may take a little white bread between 6 and 7 o^doek.