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basal ganglionic degeneration results in parkinsonism

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persevere in their injurious course; even although it be not

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the latter symptoms, she took Merc. 5. On the 19th, the lips,

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Naphthalin jute, 1 kilo, of compressed jute steeped in a

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precious work, where an error might be productive of serious

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"You ai-e aware that in Glasgow there are no Contagious

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The Arkansas Medical Society Auxiliary successfully

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* Try to be as accommodating as possible in meeting the

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better, especially as regards the thoracic pain, of which, in

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Having given in detail so much of the views of Liebig as

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It will be thus seen that the final stages in the progress

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cure with our remedies the watery colic of the peasant of

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not yet been made up; but it seems probable that the sum

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why," he exclaims, '' should I occupy time by adducing more examples

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Interesting Case Conference, 4th & 5th Tuesday, 12:00 noon, St. Bernards Dietary conference room. Lunch provided.

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great sensibility to light and noise, &;c. He also states that in

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ceive a certain theoretical explanation of these two kindred

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Session of this Society, each component society shall

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healed well, but slowly ; the patient slept well ; the appetite was good,

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these liquid and frequent evacuations continued for ten days ;