with well marked symptoms of strangulated inguinal hernia.

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a teacher of the subjects comprised in the Arts curriculum?

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tissues are certain compound chemical bodies, azotised and

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also on the case of un-united fracture already mentioned.

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Center, 7th floor dining room. Sponsored by UAMS and

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§ 11. The symptoms, 244-279, shew that Arsenic produces a

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antiseptics became a matter of principle, the danger of many

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herself have cured. Lastly, as to those physicians, who like

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ment in the initial approach to treatment (chemonucleolysis),

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so cured is not to be denied, but the treatment lasts weeks, nay, some-

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prove efficacious by itself and to convince his readers of this,

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was their impression that it was this drug, and not the other

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because they believe that a need exists for the program.

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The candidate took this view of the case, and gave a fair

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that the disease termed Rotheln, Red measles, German measles.

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tion of the right eye for eight days, so that she eonld scarcely

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disease, the more does it, as it were, monopolize the sensi-

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rosis and jaundice. If we consider more closely the sphere of

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from of old allowed to lie unknown in obscurity of self-com-

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Antimony, did not act by their mere bodily presence, but by

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which feculent matter is ordinarily retained, while they do

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She still complains of pain during intercourse, but certainly

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months since she began to take pulsatilla, though the cause

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from these casus fortuiti nothing is to be learnt ; as yet they

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Dietetic Treatment. — If there is reason to suspect the pres-

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its unwieldly form; and therefore we do not think that arrangement

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Justice of England should deliberately shut his eyes against

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escape. It is generally found that those are most likely to

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that are encouraging their development will insure that

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