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* Spend adequate time with each patient. Surveys indi-
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medical tact really resides. An anecdote is related by Galen,
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Author information should include titles, degrees, and any
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The Physicians' Health Committee exists for you, the physician who is struggling with drug and/or alcohol
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president-elect, vice president. Speaker of the House
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causative agent of hypersensitivity. Fifty percent of positive
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resultant restriction of surgical practice. JAMA 1986; 255:934-7.
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administration of overdoses of quinine, are quoted in the Cbl.
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had diminished. By the 11th the ulcer of Uie cornea had
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If our professional brethren of the Old School were better
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services. All resolutions appropriating funds must be
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cretions. 2. The laws of this process of Ei^dosmotic absorp-
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of a young man of a somewhat cachetic appearance, who had suffered fbi
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of phlegm in the throat. The lips were excoriated at the
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remedies, of which Sal marin. exerted the most beneficial in-
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will immensely increase the value of their possessions of this
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amounting almost to positive aversion. In that sense he had
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to report the total of three hours on a single day.
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Neurology Clinical Case Conference, Thursdays, 8:00 a.m., rotates between VAMC-LR, UAMS, & ACH
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treated of the virtuea of Belladonna in acarlatina.
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Axter and Hildreth, who acknowledged the curative eflfects
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Fatty matters are used in the production and renovation
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I just want to say one more thing about child support. We
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thodus expeclativa; nor does he hold the Homoeopathic
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carcinoma, the eczema had preceded the appearance of breast
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veins of the velum interpositum and choroid plexus, and the
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system, then it admits of being eured by a restorative, which,
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be proved so or not; for it is sufficient that it is ascertained
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sons, Capt. Pence Parsons of San Diego, Calif., and
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are unfamiliar, and which, therefore, appeal differently to their
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room were displayed materials for oral examination. On