ciates the support of the Arkansas Medical Society,

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By not himself dispensing, the physician loses all dexterity,

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thorax. The other side was reserved for dissection by the

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pending before it, and when so ordered the House of

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derling, a pupil of Liebig, stating, that no free alkali exists in

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ism and other crisis and/or referral to community agen-

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2nd Edition. London : Balliere, Tindall & Cox. 1882.

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examinations of the College of Surgeons can go and get a

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natural) the pains always became so much aggravated as to

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Center, Sacramento. Fees: $510 physician; $370 other.

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Dr. Collier is director of the White River Rural Health

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extremity edema, orthopnea, and paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea. Physical examination revealed a blood pressure of

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12th, he was better. There waianow scarcely any dulness on

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such conditions occasions, no doubt, the risk of an extension

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ing, and just loving people to death, he was able to convince

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♦ 1980. UNMARRIED © 1988. MARRIED A 1988. unmaRPiEO

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division and diminution of the substance; and this by

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1. Mechanical theories of the action of medicines were

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has elapsed for the completion of the digestive process.

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occupational health setting. Four of the seven programs

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time, were examined practically on one half of a subject. In

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deadness in the head, without pain, the head is heavy, clouded,

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-first emulsified, in order to undergo an increase of surface,

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men rejected, possibly more than once, in London, obtaining

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and yet the stupendous medicinal power, Corrosive Sublimate,

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blood, a diminution in the amount of Fibrine and of the red

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and well-controlled studies in pregnant women. This drug should be used during pregnancy,

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crystalline form as the vapour is condensed. It is insoluble in

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currently have invested. Included in this would be all

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11. Requirements for certifying rural health clinics

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alone ; one in physiology alone ; seven in chemistry alone ;

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has not deterred the amount of activity addressed by

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3fl?, Or was it for the benefit of patients ? We must pre-

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or cervical mucus, one ought always to use, not old linen or

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T hey ought to be rarities. Diseases such as measles,