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were awarded funding. Funding criteria included the

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tant clinical categorization of patients with stress uri-

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adapted to disease (from 18 to 30). Lastly, There are, un-

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Internship, 1985. Residency, 1989. Board certified.

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who would pass the examinations of the Royal College of

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Iodoform Internally in Syphilis. — Dr. Fr. Mracek re-

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Arkansas Public Health Association each year grants

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of this case, by revealing its true pathological characters

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Cases arc on record in which mental disturbance with marked

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Oklahoma City; a daughter, Sara Howell of Jonesboro; a

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• EMC processing is offered to providers at NO CHARGE.

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■WALTON'S OPERATIVE OPHTHALMIC SURGERY. 167 iUustratioas. 8yo., 3 00

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in whieh the eldest son lay ill of scarlet*fe?er. I found him

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state regulatory agencies, which inspect for finan-

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only a very little flowed at each time ; the whole quantity, however, was

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odorless. Each compressed tablet contains (1/12 gr.) 5.4 mg of Yohimbine

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unnecessary and often hurtful." In ovariotomy he considers

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of the body. What great work can be accomplished when

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somewhat about a year after birth it is seized with con-