While no one disputes the genuineness of Voisin's results, the accu-

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anti-Rho" are rh'rh". In selecting Rh negative donors only those

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"On the Nature of Molluscum contagiosum," Monatsh. f. prakt. Dermat. Bd. x. 1890,

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that, if instead of searching into past time we travel into present space,

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sometimes seen. The same form is occasionally met with in the late

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these are the milder cases, and this means of cure can be tested only by

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Hardy, made the occurrence of ' vesicles a part of their definition of

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hearing as well as of vision may occur in the course of an hystero-epileptic

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The eruption is attended with a variable amount of itching, sometimes

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Ionic Greek. He was evidently a man who combined as

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as to cause insanity. Cretinism and myxcedema are examples of this ; and

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ideas and insane suspicion, its unhappy victims live in an atmosphere of

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a purplish tint, especially towards the centre of the patches, and this

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at the same time the arrangements of the chromatin filaments in the

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Typhoid fever is water-borne as a rule, but the symptoms produced by

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of cases the epidermic scales thrown off are in large flakes or laminae,

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etc.) are recorded. Phthisis, too, is often found in the family history :

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caused by a purely nervous disease is shown by certain rare instances of

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It may here be remarked that the subject of primary sarcoma of the

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To begin with, the strength may be 3j- of the tar solution to a pint of

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the corpuscles have fallen, the period of time being

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the greatest pleasure the gradual healing and cicatrisation of the sores of

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month of continuous health. The keenness and intensity of his nervous

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The immediate effects of wrongdoing are upon others. Wrongdoing

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and generally distinctly purulent. The bullae readily burst but do not

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Cases in which this aspect is most marked, and of absolute significance,

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though less severe in degree, and possibly also lupus erythematosus, are

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However, the latter disease may at the outset present an urticarial form.

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fairies. The foul air of stagnant places assumed the visible

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stupid dulness, lasting for a few minutes only, rarely longer. The patient

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to the lot of Avenzoar of Seville and Averroes of Cordova,

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Xanthoma multiplex is widespread and symmetrical in distribution.

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minutes (speed "10" on an International centrifuge,

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ally backwards and forwards. The circulation is feeble, and the hands

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