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the yielding of the bene has been exceptionally quick. Free
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against accidents from lightning striking its telephone line
Casb 166. — Operators, Weller and Van Hook. 1891 ; reported by
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maintain an instrument in the doctor's house for his use, was
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lacerations of the cervix. Cases of supraorbital headache, of
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two-thirds of its circumference. ' The violent hemorrhage that
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7. Bouchard, Ch. : (OliTer) Lectures on Autolntozlcatlon, pp.
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Sail-maker's needles were used in absence of the steel pins. A Jordan
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is removed. The greatest objection to such journeys is
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vagina, and the tissues separated until the thickened ureter
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stertorous respiration, perhaps dilatation of the pupil
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ash, and weighs 70 gm., and 350 c.c. of water (about a glass and a
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the left lobe of the liver. On withdrawing the gyromele
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their wonderful training and efficiency. The correspond-
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this a letter he had received from Dr. Bier, which is of interest
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munity and to bear their part In sustaining Its Institutions and
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l»e used with advantage in operations on the peritoneal
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the development ' of ovarian abscess. This is proven by the
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incision was made in the uterus and the child easily
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of the vesical opening, leaving but 16.2 per cent, for all
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Id rein at elbow before operation. He rallied from profound shock
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2i 'Remarks on Anesthesia — General, L«cal and Spinal. Maurire
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living cultures are given in increasing doses until the
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exposed surface — but in no instance do we see an
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ican Medical Association, I earnestly request you to send, at your
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Increased. Heart seemed slightly displaced to the left. Slight
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drug he found the effectual dose for adults to be .5 gram, and
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cance of the facts learned by cryoscopy, which permit5
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ward. After cautious manipulation the root of it was
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greatest possible care, and an occupation should be
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Used crutohes in seven weeks. "Absolutely no loss of blood. There is
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All, or nearly all, of these institutions issue certificates or
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was found dislocated and pressure on the cord by its body
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cises the mucous membrane at the extremity of the fibro-car-
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ertion he may have strong lungs. Lazy lungs are those
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One boy had external marks of puberty at 12 months, and died •
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be further considered when the plan of organization of
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and a rarefied tissue was formed which looked like myxoid
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They have succeeded in obtaining it in 3 rheumatic nodules