malnutrition, infant mortality, sexually transmitted diseases,
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deposit should be excreted in a dissolved state, but is not.
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tected by copyright. Manuscripts may not be reproduced without
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those who ijpoke to her. The skin was of a bright scarlet.
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tative does look narrowly after the interests of his constituents,
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statewide program to lower the infant mortality rate
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safest mode of treatment ; and it is easier to cure the accom-
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serum lithium levels or increased sensitivity to lithium. Patients receiving both drugs must be
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it would be useless. The clinical examination in Scotland
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sometimes cut short a disease in the blood, or relieve a dis-
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through Hippocrates, from whom we arrive at the most per-
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very feverish, and there was an eruption upon his breast and
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a single dose, consisting of a small portion of a drop of the trillionth
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completed the DWI Teenage Project started by Sara Jouett
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ent regions of the globe, at one time towards the west, at
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the mucous membrane of the ileum. The right kidney had
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eases, in both of which cases the blood has been exhausted by
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III-R, published by the American Psychiatric Association in
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to have limited his medical authorship to the detail of particulars by a
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and what would then remain of the great man who could raise
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universities are more than a score of institutions, colleges, and
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'the inflambiatory symptoms were most intense. In the adults,
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reported clinical experience in an occupational health set-
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of its &ults and merits, and we should have to point out
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nerve pierced (:*) on three occasions. He went to the Dunoon
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Hospital on the 21st December, where Dr Weninger at once recog-
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ing, as we do, the effects that result from spasm of this muscle
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was ready for use. On the 11th of that month public intima-