ways, and hence in the end causing the excessive formation

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cine. Pathology was in its infancy as compared with the

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to produce fruit, and will keep to mid-winter or later, if prop-

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which follows below. Loewy hopes to show by the publication of the

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also uses more eggs than any other country per person, — one

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The action of the heart and the respiratory movements which influ-

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must be well understood that no two cases of scarlet fever are alike.

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frequent by certain observers. Characteristically, there is no

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Thorough mastication, practising Gladstone's habit of thirty-

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It is probable, as Golgi suggests, that the third variety is not intimately

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self and Dr. Kuthy are detailed in the Deutsche Medizinal-Zeitung,

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laboring heart; the patient falls into a refreshing slumber. Even if

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salt solution approaching nearest to the blood-serum is seven-

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unnecessary operations is at all widl I'oundcd. The other state-

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come auxiliaries to the latter. This can be accomplished only by ac-

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have. I have frequently given phosphorus with short periods of

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or less extensive epidemic outbreaks of the disease may occur. It is

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regarded baths and affusions as superior to medicines.

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are quickly absorbed under its action, and it acts equally favorably

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ache, anorexia, prostration, sometimes vomiting and diarrhea, and espe-

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thousand feet, but there is too much moisture, and too many

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probably more than any one factor. Without intelligent ad-

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the sputum directly upon the slide, and then examine, when stained,

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longs to the order Lectythidacea. The natives call it Juvia.

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of a committee ti> consider and express the feeling of this Council

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they may be wholly confined. They may, however, be absent from the

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few to twenty-four hours, when another stage Avith its more striking symp-

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end-bearing pad. As might be ex|)e<>ted, the proportion varied

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as an aperient; this is probably on account of the peristalsis

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cripple Doctor ilacphail's journal, and help their own. They are,

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or a hard worker in professional or business life, or a woman

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Let us think of milk not as milk in the abstract, but as to its

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to the severity of the attack itself. This peculiarity renders it

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quent and diversified. Schools for training attendants have

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(Payne, in Allbutt's Si/stem). The disease, however, is more commonly

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tem from mercury, hot-air baths should be preferred to all other

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tinue to probe it. In our large cities the best teachers of medicine are

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from carcinomatous stenosis, who had vomited faeces for three days,

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sugar. Potatoes, white and sweet, chicory, peas, beans, and

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of salt is then removed, the mixture is covered with a thin glass cover, a

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Now, white, new-process flour has little gluten and com-