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Definition. — A deposit in the hepatic connective tissues of a peculiar

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ing, though even this is an influence the significance of which has been

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a nervous condition. Consanguinity, according to Gowers, may be a pre-

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pleural adhesions and other unfavorable consequences. Symptomatic

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who were unable to stand are, after the application of splints or

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or grayish nodules, usually quite small, consisting of lymphoid cells

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way of the inferior peduncle (restiform body) to the multipolar ganglion-

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rheumatism or exposure, recovery may take place. A case occurred in

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seen in the accompanying diagram (Fig. 69). In the antero-lateral por-

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Medicine. Allbutt and Rolleston. $6.00. The MacMillan Co.

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Perforation of the gastric ulcer calls for surgical intervention as soon

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(first externally, then into the mouth) and discharges pus containing

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is important to emphasize this statement, so that the physician may be

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that but a small amount of liquid reaches the intestines, and also to the

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horns. Microscopic examination revealed the presence of inflammation

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If careful examination fails to reveal any bodily state which might

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arterial, followed often by abscess-formation. In the female a branch is

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