diminished saccharine assimilation. Then and then only do-
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As, in addition to the Chairman (Mr. "Wharton, M.P.) and
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cult branches of that vast subject. The task has been most
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Sir W. FosTEB : It may be partly true. However, if my
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,•'%* While inserting this correction we think it well to say, in view of
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had been shot in the right eye by a pellet from an air gun,
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Electrical Reactions. — Thete is loss of ieacti»n to faradism in all the
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Mr. Teale, in supporting, said the question of these re-
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affected, and they confessed to having taken some of the
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man, London ; G. C. still, MB., Shep bed; Dr. H R. Speui-er, Loudon;
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who tried it in as many as thirty-six cases of epilepsy, soon
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to dilatation ofitered by these dense deposits that the causation of the
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treatment with ice the child recovered. Dr. Lees concluded
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ichthyol pomade used for another three days. If necessary
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Surgeon Majjr E. P. Frenchjian, Madras Establishment, has resigned
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[Repoet by Dr. Reid to the Parliamentary Bills Committee of
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May 11th, at 4 p.m. The minutes of the Quarterly Council on
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Leiih, Dundee, and Glasgow. The 344 deaths registered in Glasgow
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de novo. It may be admitted that if typhus fever ever does-
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We are not disposed to advocate very early rising as the most suitable
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■Fig. 1.— The circle indicates the area of the opening in the skull made on the right side oy the U-inch trephine. The dura was reflected back over
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fore to the medical charge of Aldershot, but there is surely no
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and posterior part of the right thyroid plate was felt to be
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bodies of these stillborn children, and in the case of any
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prevent further spread of the disease? Perhaps more so,
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It IS difficult to give an explanation of this strange phenome-
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B. Cases which were sent to the consulting room to see the ',,
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little reason to doubt that the forfeiture of the confidence of
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sanitary surroundings than on distinction of race, as in India,
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of a marvel ; but we learn from Dr. Priestley that, whilst it
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day collections which was held on April 22nd are in excess of
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take care of themselves, and who must of necessity be a burden
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apply to the Secretary of the Branch. No member can be
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forward their remittances to the General Secretary, 429,
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Fairfax family settled in America, having obtained a grant of
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pox an initial rash appears before the typical eruption of the
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who charges only I's. '5d per visit in ordinary cases could sustain a
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diffusion, it is maintained that the disease would die out
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The Pbesidext took a less gloomy view of these cases than
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inaugural thesis advocates it as a justifiable step in severe
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tumblerful of brandy had been got down the patient's tliroat
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various authors who are known to have devoted special atten-
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Board. Applications to A. W. Knott, Clerk, at the Board Room, Mart-
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