16 percent sulfuric acid per liter capacity of the jar.

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II. The tubes of Schrotter left immovable in the larynx cause

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acetic acid solution, and stir thoroughly with a stir-

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hand behind the patient's neck. The carotid artery must be

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high altitude or so far north that the climate is too cool for the

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amyloid matter, which is carried by the leucocytes to the tissues, deposited

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should first be tried and found wanting in all obscure cerebro-

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gas has been evacuated. After the apparatus has been

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tofore issued and not now in active and reputable use by responsible corporations,

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i. Wash 30 seconds in dilute ammonia water (6 drops, XX per-

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antigen containing only somatic factors may be prepared either

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Jan. 31. — The patient came to the hospital on foot. On pressure

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titrated with phenolphthalein, and to 1.004 with methyl

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minutes, I might even say in a few seconds, completely quieted

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4 ml of the acetic anhydride-sulfuric acid reagent, and

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dyspnoea under which he labored before death. There was gen-