Operation: March, 16, 1918. Drop method, left lumbar incision.
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the body so that with the arms extended the hands touch the soles of the feet,
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we will quote from his sixth edition, recently published. On
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clearly, for us to dismiss the phenomena as a mere coincidence ; nor can we
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and established an artificial vagina. This woman recovered and is still
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small vessels from the presence in the blood of deleterious sub-
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Osteoporosis, fractures, and pseudo-paralyses, as found in rhachitis and syphilis,
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Baltimore ; also to reports of cases by Kartulis, Hlava, Masiu-
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vomiting might take place during the crisis. Memory had long become
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until the patient thinks the same way that you do about the whole
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charge consists mainly of water and mucus, some of this should be
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2. Disturbances of chemism or of secretion may be present alone, but
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forceps were employed. With the very limited resources at my disposi-
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tumors, about one-half inch in diameter, of rather dense consistence, and
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both to ear and touch are very intense over entire right chest down to base.
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boy about 13 years of age. He was brought into the service and had
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reflexes O. K. Paresthesias of right leg, but no anesthesia or
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of the statement? Is it that he thinks himself too poor to
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The liquids capable of forming fibrin may be divided into two distinct
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mal stool. While the patient herself was somewhat coy and
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prove to be but the advance sign of some profound bodily dys-
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Dr. William Osler publishes, in The Annals of Surgery (March, 1890),
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latter being the more rare exception. Hiccough was also absent,
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relief from their ills' and assures them of her ability to help
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authors, discountenance the views held by Mason and Gosselin,
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obliterates the cavity in by far the greater part. The vacuum in the bot-
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on section presented the usual nutmeg appearances, whilst, in addition,
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presence of intestinal parasites. It is the child's general nervous insta-
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Before operation, unless contraindicated, the gastric motility and
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and that seemed to me to be the simplest thing at the time.
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theoretical, physiologists will bear me out in this. Again, in women who
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Society of the County of Kings, in which he is quoted as favoring
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into the joints and other tissues, for these tissues no doubt share
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Secondly, it is stated positively that the lesion produced by the inocu-