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but few in the interstitial connective tissue. The muscular fibres are

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disease diminishes. The poison of sewer gas and defective drainage

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typhoid fever. The liver i> torpid ami the bowels constipated. The

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nephritis. Morphinism may be a cause. Even chloride of sodium, which has

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motion. It contains also the nerve centers of the special senses.

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insure longevity, but there are many aids which if brought into con-

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For ecchymosis about the eye, there is no better application than

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Having decided that a change of climate is essential, one should

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blood of man. Its morbid action and the symptoms to which it gives

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nitrogen of the unne has been found to be conspicuously diminished during

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public discredit into which it had unhappily fallen.

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seat of inflammation. But the disease does not always have such a

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health the tendency to excretion of sugar diminishes as a rule and

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saliva are very unreliable. If this substance is ever found it is onlj*

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mean the preservation of the amount of albumin Tiut may also show

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often only lialf as mucli us tUe otlier kind, and partly contain several

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dependent, like other inflammatory afi'ections, on exposure to cold,

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55. Kahler : Zeitschrift fur klinische Medicin. 1891, xix., p. 1.

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Many years ago Sir Benjamin Ward Richardson published an

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them as they occur in connection with brain lesions, says that they

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toms of gout may be developed. Thus it can be shown that many of

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surgical inventions and work upon surgery, — called to Washington,

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added some aromatic alcohol. There are of course other indications

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the cells without being taken up by them at all, or at most only par-

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the rare and trifling disorders that precede and advertise the advent

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Examine the eye thoroughly and remove all foreign particles. For

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the kidney. This probably arises more from the destruction of leukocytes,

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During recovery from typhoid fever the diet needs to be still more

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sometimes the testicles suffer permanent injury and atrophy. In-

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the accumulation resulting from mere retention. Moreover, Bradford has

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Very rarely dropping of the wrist is met with, as distinguished

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or in the straight tubes, but may also be marked in the collecting tubes,

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in greater quantity and under another form. There is no great diffi-

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met with that are accompanied, as a rule, by abnormal urinary findings, and

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tism, rheumatoid arthritis, and spurious arthritis because the joints

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regulates sugar consumption {cf. p. 53), but also the discharge of

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teristic symj^tom is irregular and uncontrollable muscular twitching

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forces. It quickens the intellectual faculties, aids digestion, invig-

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One one-hundredth of a grain of atropia should be given hypoder-

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sugar in greater or less amount can nearly always be demonstrated.