the tongue was clean. The glonoin was continued every three

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Dose. — Fluid extract, 1 to 60 drops; specific medicine, 1 to 60

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its amount with accuracy. The value of thus accurately de-

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from various organs with reference both to the substances

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increased in quantity, and is more tenacious ; mucous secretion

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Chronic Dyspepsia. He gives 1-70 of a grain per diem in the form of a

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dusting powder is made by mixing one part of the drug with ten

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vein to artery. In one case an anastomoses existed between

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produce a product which is structurally and morphologi-

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nucleus — that they have no regular form, or invariable size

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Usual Prescription. — 1£ Caulophyllum, gtt. x to 3i; water,

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medicine were added to four ounces of water, and a teaspoonful

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often proves a useful remedy. It is also employed with much

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medicine looks first to an increase of formative force, getting

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recovery from a fractured bone. A limp is often caused by a

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did not altogether agree with the veteran editor-in-

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When, however, a dose large enough to produce vaso-motor

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done all the books prescribe. In a case of oft-repeated

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to some ah'eady extant on the subject ; it contains many awk-

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established, it proved more serviceable in my hands.

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remedy which will correct the one will usually correct the other.

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believes it doubtful to disinfect the interior of upholstered furni-

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the necessity of means to overcome the morbid process going on

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sented in that organ. As to the generative system, Wag-

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But it has this in its favor, that it brings out all we know of

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the coating is removed, the surface is left slick and very dark

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is usually a marked increase in the secretion of bile and intestinal