Russia — Podolia, goveniiiieiU Aug. 28-Sept. 102 >,i
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sure September 21, 1910. Treatment: No mercury. 0.6
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patient does not want it and it is not helpful. The
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and diminishing the intensity of its agc)nies. Such
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States and their utility in the prevention of infant mortal-
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eases are allowed to mix freely in society, encour-
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and the Friedliinder bacillus — either alone or asso-
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physiology department. In the department of practical
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extrauterine in the beginning, assumed pathological
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6. Method of ;\'Iea surmg the Blood Pressure m Man,
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physician, weary as his patient in holding to a thing
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and beliefs have been studied with sufficient care.
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through abrasions, as the people often go barefoot.
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fartiHCHt of Health for the following statement of ne-jj
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of several sheets pinned together in which the point
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leucocytosis is not present in either disease ; a dif-
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abscess formation. The patient returned seeking relief.
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type and differs from that of scarlet fever in that
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14. A Casuistic Contribution to the Phlegmonous Form of
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ions of a clinician of great experience and also the
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change of viewpoint on the part of the publication.
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sidering it as an indication that the malady is not
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dreaming of a certain part of the body signifies the
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plainly marked with a motto and be accompanied by a
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warrant careful distinctions. This especially holds
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eartions — never produced mice with altered tails.
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cerity do not drug such a patient to death. The sys-
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gonorrbcTpa ; moreover, it is only communicable un-
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ington ; second vice-president. Dr. B. E. Giannini, of Coal-
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with pus cells. The pleura was free from any signs of in-
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are unsatisfactory in their effect on bacteria. In a
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created by the introduction in 1904 of the so called
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competent men is sought, at salaries to range from $1,800
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per cent. ; small mononuclears, 7.4 per cent. ; large mononu-
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2. On the Value of Blood Pressure Determinations in the
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fails to improve after the paracentesis — an indica-
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tonsil is then lifted out on the under surface of the