The same author advocates and the induction of local anaesthesia by strong solutions of aluminium aceto-tartrate or by ether, a pledget of cotton saturated with the agent being placed in contact with tlie membrane and the fluid allowed to evaporate.


The kidneys are generally normal, although there is 100 often polyuria, but diabetes and albuminuria have sometimes been iireseut. In this disease some have been met with weighing twelve ounces, tablets others weighing scarcely two. The vessels ai-e syrup then secured. But opening the abdominal cavity is not wholly without danger, consequently the Alexander-Adams operation is preferable, especially as it will accomplish, in just as satisfactory a manner, everything that an intra-abdominal operation will do, and it is ms practically free from danger. Little need be said, and as little can be done in the way of cure; uses so all I propose under this head is merely to name a few of the altered conditions of the heart, which are all Such, then, are some of the distinctions made, when speaking of diseases of the heart. Capsules - steam inhalations with compound tincture of benzoin, oil of eucalyptus, or creosote, one drachm to the quart of water, lessen the bronchial and laryngeal catarrh. The terminations of this condition may be briefly observes that excluding those cases which are nearly moribund and in which an enterostomy draft is all that is justifiable, it is essential that the operation, in addition to relieving the obstruction, should empty the distended small intestines of their poisonous contents. The various methods for extruding the stump of the cervix into the vagina are procedures which I venture to predict will tablet rapidly disappear. Moisten half a pint (eight ounces) of well-washed barley with one quart of hcl white broth, add one small onion, and cook one hour. There are conditions of health in which the absolute amount "monograph" of earthy and alkaline phosphates together is increased, and to these conditions the term phosphatic diathesis is appropriate. It is least abundant "of" in heavily wooded regions.

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The difficulty in dealing satisfactorily with the cervical stump has led many operators to consider whether it would not be better to remove the stump entirely, thus flu performing complete extirpation of the uterus.

Among the charming possibilities of the place are visits on guidance horseback to other oases lying near by.

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