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drates for diabetics to eat freely. There are many varieties,
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manipulations affect the heart action and blood pressure, heat produc-
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In the case of the foot bath, when it is found uncomfortable to pro-
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Broadly speaking, any condition of the system in which the natural
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coat, or, as Riegel deduced from the effect of amyl and pilocarpine, a
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patient alter the applications, it being more rapid and complete after
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would seem from my correspondence that many doubts arise in the
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them liberally with liquids and semi-solids only; be particu-
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This complication may occur either during the fever or at some time
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mer deplorable condition. Dana was on his way around the
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It may, however, become necessary to add other measures to " ring
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busy lawyer under my care, in whom the products of decomposition
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In chronic cases the ablution is of great value in ana?mia, chlorosis,
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the respiratory centre, and its more ready response to excitation from
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its former health, and the whole course of the disease may be so mild
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during convalescence from an infectious disease, fever, cough, and dys-
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throughout successive generations. Most persons, however, enjoy natural
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of the typhus virus from without, and does not arise spontaneously ;
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of the Neptune girdle, which is applied in certain conditions mentioned
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leave the wound open wide enough to secure efficient drainage.
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under the names of Medoc, Cabernet, St. Julien, Larose, Pon-
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trace certain cases to previous ones, to which they invariably owe their
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fifth day. Brand boldly asserts, on the strength of these 1,223 cases, of
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other of the various fruit-juices (diluted). During the stage of remission
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the tuberculous processes, but this view has been largely abandoned. Its
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other instances, however, a few scattered sibilant and sonorous rales,
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died, a mortality of one per cent. And yet this is not all, for the most
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zone throughout the world. In the bogs the organic decay
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]iGssibility of calculus, one must remember the jirostate as beimr
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pearance of fresh epidemics, so that two, three, four, or even more attacks
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or pulmonary tuberculosis. In diagnosticating the condition chancre and
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intense irritants permit a relaxation of the muscular fibres to follow.
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the face, will differentiate the disease from variola, varicella, scarlet
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traumatic ones are not encouraging. Wyeth's method of
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Lemon Cling. — Elegant, large, and handsome cling peach.
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lapse of half an hour, the passage of water from the stomach differing
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